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Nowadays Norway is one of the country which cares about the environment the most. We can hear there terms like økologisk vaskemiddel which means that people really started caring about organic products which are healthy for us and also friendly for environment. Every person in Norway buys now loads of products like mentioned økologisk vaskemiddel. This happend partly thanks to the online organic food store which is called Minpose.no. This store delivers us a lot of good and also really effective organic products to help us as the customers to build our health without any knowledge of diet or nutrition. This company really cares about customers and also their health as much as we do. They are also able to offer free customer service to anyone buying Papa Sol or other products from them. This is a company we can for sure count on. We can be aware that it is just simply the best and it is able to give us all the best quality products.

Peloha- Michal M. Sedzik Blindernveien 4 0361 Oslo

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